Are you being ripped off buying instant coffee ?

Instant coffee is a stable in the South African home. From the nostalgic brands names such as Ricoffee and Frisco, to the more recent premium brands from Jacobs and Nescafe gold. 

But as the public has been exposed to better coffee experiences outside the home in their favourite cafe's, why is it that they continue to drink a sub standard beverage at home ? We think its down to the following believes :  

  1. Instant coffee is cheaper then freshly roasted coffee
  2. Preparing fresh coffee is difficult and messy

In the blog post, we will aim to prove that these are just misconceptions.

Misconception 1 : Instant coffee is cheaper then freshly roasted coffee

In tannie marie's time, perhaps this was true, when freshly roasted coffee was pretty much non existent, or not easily available.

Today, a range of ground coffee and coffee beans can be found on most supermarkets, at affordable prices. In fact, when comparing prices between instant coffee and fresh coffee, we find the following interesting facts :